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The History and Vision of EasyTEL

Over a decade ago, EasyTEL Communications was formed in order to provide "Fortune 500" level services to every business in Tulsa. By engineering and building its own fiber optic network across Tulsa, EasyTEL is making that vision a reality. EasyTEL's fiber optic services cost no more than the same services over copper.

The Voicemail Years

EasyTEL began in the early 1990's as an internal research project for a large corporation. In the process of researching voicemail services, no sufficient solution was found. EasyTEL was born with the creation of it's first products and services to provide voicemail to businesses of all sizes. In creating a voicemail solution, EasyTEL interfaced with other telephone services to expand the capabilities of their services. Customers found unique features like the following:

  • Little-known/little-used message indicator service which lights a signal on capable phones when a message is waiting
  • Call-transfer features usually only found in business telephone systems
  • Follow-me service that can 'push' a message out to a customer's cell phone or other locations.

The ISP Years

In the late 1990's, EasyTEL began offering Internet access to its customers. Recognizing a need for services exceeding the capacity of dial-up and even DSL lines and T1 circuits, EasyTEL began engineering and constructing its own fiber optic network over which businesses could outperform the lower-tier residential services.

The CLEC Years

Around the turn of the century, EasyTEL began leasing phone lines from the incumbent telephone company and entered the telephone services arena as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC). Customers bought these services from EasyTEL usually because of the more personal level of service provided compared to the incumbent. As regulations began to change, EasyTEL once again invested in research and development for the next phase of its life.


Foreseeing the upcoming shifts in the marketplace, EasyTEL invested heavily in building out its own fiber optic network. By doing so, EasyTEL was one of the few CLECs who actually fulfilled the purpose of the original regulatory agreements, which was to give emerging telephone companies an opportunity to compete with incumbents as they develop their own network. Instead of duplicating the incumbent telephone company's dated copper lines, EasyTEL chose to build a fiber optic network to surpass competitor's technology. Fiber optics provide incredible capacity when compared to copper lines. Amazingly, EasyTEL has done all of this as a debt-free company. This network is being expanded today to serve an even greater area of the Tulsa market. See Service Coverage for more information on EasyTEL's service network. See The History of the Phone Line for more information on the evolution of telephone networks.