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Services Header: Fiber optics are knocking on the door of Tulsa Businesses.  Now why would you care?

Internet and Data Service over Fiber Optics


EasyTEL's fiber optic network provides up to 1,000mbs to the end user. That is the equivalent of...

  • 648 T1 Lines
  • 333 DSL Lines or Cable Modems
    (each running at 3 mbps)
  • 1 pair of EasyTEL's fiber optics equals the capacity of 29 standard telephone cables, each containing 1200 pair of copper lines (image to right shows one 1200-pair copper cable and one pair fiber optics).


Internet access over fiber optics can be expanded quickly without the time and expense of additional equipment.

MetroLAN (Metropolitan LAN Service)

For companies with more than one location, EasyTEL offers a private data service called MetroLAN. If you currently have or are considering a Point-to-Point or Frame Relay service, MetroLAN is almost certainly a better alternative for your company. With MetroLAN, you can create a hybrid of 20mbs and 1,000mbs connections on your private data network. With broader bandwidth options and a very compelling price, MetroLAN provides true PRIVATE networking at pricing comparable to a VPN solution (Virtual Private Network).

MetroLAN is also "plug-and-play" so installation is simple and fast.

For more information about MetroLAN or other EasyTEL data solutions, call (918) 523-8000.

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