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About Fiber Optics

Changing the History of Telephone Service

In 1970 Corning Glass developed the first fiber optics cable, which uses laser light traveling through glass instead of electrons traveling through copper. Why does this matter? Because this is the most significant leap in communications technology since the invention of the telephone line. No longer would communication be restricted to the capacity of an electronic current over copper lines. Now communications could travel at THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

With the development of fiber optics, laser light can be modulated at incredible rates, making it possible to transmit over one pair of fiber optic strands with the same capacity of twenty-nine 1200 pair copper cables. That's one pair of fiber optic lines versus 34,800 pair of copper lines!

(The image to right shows one 1200-pair copper cable and one pair fiber optics)

See The History of the Telephone Line for a gallery of images and information concerning the progression of telephone service in the United States.

Changing the History of Tulsa

As important an invention as fiber optics were, they still remained exclusively available only to companies that could afford to pay expensive installation costs of high-cost fiber optic line for expandable phone service and break-neck speed Internet access.

Over a decade ago, EasyTEL Communications was formed in order to provide "Fortune 500" level services to every business in Tulsa. By engineering and building its own fiber optic network across Tulsa, EasyTEL is making that vision a reality. EasyTEL's fiber optic services cost no more than the same services over copper. Actually, these services are usually the same price but have greater features than their copper counterparts. Also, there is no installation cost for fiber optics to be delivered to your business. This gives Tulsa an incredible amenity to offer its business community.

Copper and Fiber