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Our Basic Voicemail Service is available for most telephone numbers in the area. You can have unanswered calls or calls made to your phone when it is busy, forwarded to our Message Center. Callers then receive your personalized greeting and can leave you a message. Our system will light a message waiting light or give you an audible message tone on phones with such capabilities (may require message waiting indicator service from your telephone company). Our Message Center can also call your pager or cell phone to let you know you have a message. You can even listen to the message through your cell phone. Also included is a reminder call option, which you can use as an appointment reminder or as a wake-up call. Basic service has a message storage capacity of 20 messages at one time, but additional message storage is optionally available.

Call Transfer / Find Me / Multiple Greeting Option

When a caller reaches your voicemail, you can allow the caller to dial a one-digit number and be transferred to any local phone number such as a receptionist, administrative assistant, or even to your cell phone. The "Multiple Greeting Option" gives you access to use up to nine (9) different greeting messages that you can pre-record. You can manually change the greeting message to be played to callers or the greeting message may be automatically selected based on time-of-day, day-of-week, or other criteria (see information on "time/schedule tables" below).

  • Touchtone prompted transfer option
  • Auto/Manual greeting selection
  • Make changes on-line

Faxmail and E-mail Options

Faxmail Option

The EasyTEL Message Center can detect if a caller is a fax machine. This optional service will allow EasyTEL to convert your faxes into e-mail and send it to your Internet e-mail box. You can then view or print the fax directly from your personal computer. If needed, a separate fax number can be provided. Our basic Faxmail service includes up to 200 faxes per month. That's almost 10 faxes per business day and if you need additional capacity, we can make it available.

  • Fax detection
  • Fax conversion and delivery to e-mail
  • 200 fax per month capacity or more
  • Expandable

Voicemail to E-mail Option

This is the key option to activate in order to accomplish "Unified Messaging". When you conduct most of your communication via e-mail, you will love this option. Just like you are now getting your fax documents sent to your e-mail as a graphic file attachment, you will be able to receive all of your voicemail messages as an attached .wav file attachment. If your computer is equipped with speakers you should be able to listen to your voice messages right on your computer.

  • Voicemail is sent as a .wav file attachment to your e-mail
  • You can listen, store, or forward your voicemails
  • Unified messaging is here!
  • Utilize your multimedia computer and broadband Internet access
  • Requires subscription to Faxmail Option

Time / Schedule Tables

This option allows your voicemail greetings and other services to be customized based on the "time-of-day" or "day-of-week". You can even specify different messages for holidays if you so desire (i.e. 5pm- 8am your greeting might inform callers that your business is closed and then specify your normal office hours. 8am-5pm you might give the caller the option to transfer to someone who can take the call).
Most every feature in the system may be specified based on the "Time/Schedule Tables". You can even specify what numbers are paged on a specific day. Great for passing on after hours service calls to technicians! Access your setup via computer - When this optional service is selected, you are given the capability to modify your voice mailbox setup through your personal computer. You are provided with an account number and password which will allow you direct access to our systems to modify "Time/Schedule Tables" and other details of your account. You have total control anytime!

  • Customize by Time-of-Day or Day-of-Week
  • Customize almost any system feature
  • Great for passing after hours calls to technicians